How To Make Talking Easier With Braces

Many patients find it tricky to talk when they first get braces, that's why our orthodontists in Burnaby, Langley, and North Delta are sharing these tips that will make it easier to speak with braces. 

If you are struggling to speak when you first get braces, you don't have to feel embarrassed!

Most people who get braces experience some speaking challenges at the beginning. Please remember that this is normal and if you follow these tips and use a bit of effort you will be speaking normally again soon.

1. This is Temporary

Your braces will feel weird in the beginning, and this could cause some difficulties when you try to speak and move your tongue or other parts of your face and mouth. Luckily, they will adjust over time and it will start to feel normal.

2. Learn the Functions of Speech

It's worth designating some time to educate yourself on the functions of speech. This will give you some useful insights, to help you start talking normally again. It's also very interesting learning how your body contributes to the way you talk. 

3. Try Orthodontic Wax

Use the orthodontic wax to make a smooth barrier in the middle of your cheeks and braces, this lessens the friction and makes it more comfortable to talk.

4. Practice

The best thing you can do to get comfortable talking with braces is to practice speaking, you can start this by doing some speech drills that are available online. You can also get yourself accustomed to speaking by singing and reading out loud.

It also helps to practice in front of a mirror or by recording your practice sessions, so you can spot any mistakes you make and find where you are having problems. 

For more guidance on speaking with braces contact us at SmileTown Orthodontics Braces & Invisalign, we are always happy to help!