Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment for Children

Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment for Children

Early interceptive orthodontics for children can help to minimize the number of extractions required when treating orthodontic issues in later years. Our SmileTown Orthodontics Braces & Invisalign dentists explain how Invisalign® First for Phase 1 orthodontic treatment could help transform your child's smile.

What is Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment?

Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment (also called interceptive orthodontics) is used to diagnosis and treat misaligned teeth and other orthodontics issues in young children, between the ages of 7-11 years.  

By starting orthodontic treatment while there is still a mix of baby teeth and adult teeth, our SmileTown Orthodontics Braces & Invisalign dentists are able to take advantage of your child's continuing growth and dental development when treating orthodontic issues. 

This early approach to orthodontic treatment can help to reduce treatment time and avoid the need for tooth extractions in later years.

What types of issues are treated with Phase 1 treatment? 

At SmileTown Orthodontics Braces & Invisalign our orthodontists can correct several types of issues with early interceptive orthodontics, including: 

  • Misaligned teeth growing out of position
  • Expansion of the upper jaw to eliminate a crossbite
  • A misshapen jawbone (which is still soft and pliable at early ages)
  • Protruding front teeth
  • Expansion of one or both jaws to create space for overly crowded teeth

What are the goals of Phase 1 treatment?

While the child's jaws are still developing, Phase 1 treatment can be used to correct misalignment and bite issues, making room for both the existing teeth and the incoming teeth.

Here are some examples of results that can be achieved with early interceptive orthodontics:

  • Reducing risk of trauma to protruding front teeth
  • Creating room for crowded, erupting teeth 
  • Reducing treatment time
  • Creating facial symmetry by influencing jaw growth
  • Preserving space for teeth that have not yet erupted

Using this early approach to orthodontics may help to improve the appearance of a growing child’s smile, and make Phase 2 treatment easier and shorter.

Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment with Invisalign First

Invisalign First aligners are custom-made, clear and removable orthodontic appliances designed to straighten children's teeth as they develop. Using Invisalign First aligners will help to guide your child’s teeth into their correct position, and address orthodontic issues, such as misaligned teeth, crowding, gaps, and narrow dental arches. 

Invisalign First aligners are:

  • Removable - making oral hygiene easier, so your child can brush and floss daily.
  • Comfortable - custom-made clear aligners are designed to fit your child’s mouth, with no rubbing brackets or poking wires used in traditional appliances.

At SmileTown Orthodontics Braces & Invisalign our orthodontists can diagnose your child's specific issue and develop a custom treatment plan to foster the healthy development of their teeth, jaw and facial structure.

SmileTown Orthodontics Braces & Invisalign provides a range of orthodontic treatment options for children across Lower Mainland, BC. If you think that your child could benefit from Invisalign First orthodontic treatment, Contact us today.